Successfully managing your oil and gas logistics project

Successfully managing your oil and gas logistics project

August 30th 2018

Large scale logistics projects in any sector can be tricky, but few compare to the size and complexity of oil and gas logistics.

The industry is currently experiencing something of a resurgence amid an improving economic position and reaffirmed Government commitment, which means expert logistics, freight forwarding and supply chain management in this sector is more important than ever.

Difficult locations across the world, huge specialist parts, often hazardous materials and rigorous compliance processes require specialist knowledge, expertise and bespoke solutions.

So whether you’re building a full off-shore rig, or sourcing particular parts for your refinery or plant, it’s important that each stage of the process is managed smoothly and efficiently. Any disruptions or delays can be costly, so you’ll want to know that your project is in safe hands.

Whatever the brief, successful execution relies on strong project management by people who know what they’re doing.

At FSC Oceans Limited we create and implement tailored, streamlined oil and gas logistics solutions that deliver reliability and efficiency into our customers’ complex supply chains.

Oil and gas project management

Successful project management also depends upon a realistic and practical knowledge of the industry, with the understanding that internal and external factors can change very quickly. By looking at the wider picture, understanding what the potential changes and challenges may be, alongside an in-depth knowledge of a customer’s requirements and the environment they operate in, we can ensure that your project is planned in accordance with its scope, goals and objectives.

This process includes road mapping, identifying key milestones and constant monitoring throughout both the feasibility and implementation phases.

Complex supply chains

Successful supply chain management, and ensuring everything is where it needs to be and when, is a key part of your oil and gas installation project. But it’s not simply a case of getting a variety of items from A to B for a certain time. It often involves moving huge, expensive, and sometimes hazardous parts around the world, whether that’s by air, road, sea, rail, barge, or even a combination of all of the above.

This is likely to include import and export documents, customs clearance for various countries, insurance, hazardous materials documents, tracking, freight charge negotiations, freight consolidation and much more.

As you’re transporting sensitive, highly expensive equipment and machinery that is probably part of a multi-million-pound installation, you will also want your cargo to be closely monitored and supervised to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

By using the services of FSC Oceans Limited, all of this is managed for you from our London-based offices where our expert advisors are on hand to answer queries at every stage of the journey.

As experts in this industry, with an impressive list of long-standing contacts and exclusive relationships, we have the connections and expertise needed to ensure you get the fastest, most effective and affordable solution possible.