Logistics Exports to Iraq

Logistics Exports to Iraq

May 28th 2019

As freight forwarding specialists, FSC Group has over 23 years’ experience of implementing cost-effective value to customers’ supply chain by creating streamlined, reliable logistics solutions tailored to your company’s needs.

We are proud that our culturally diverse team has hard-earnt expertise and experience to manage cargo of varying complexities, and the associated challenges which come with it. FSC Group has experience across a spectrum of broad industry sectors, including; Automotive, FMCG, Industrial, Oil & Gas, High Tech, Retail, Drinks Logistics and Marine Logistics.

With our head office base in London, England and international offices spanning the Middle East, our experience has led us to build long-term relationships; working with customers of all sizes and complex requirements, including delivering exceptional value with the worlds leading air, sea and road carriers. 

Exporting to Iraq

Exporting to Iraq and the Middle East is a challenge often considered with a degree of apprehension for many companies providing international shipping services, often due to perceived issues with security. FSC has embraced this challenge for over 26 years with an experienced and dedicated team with offices based in Iraq – Erbil, Basrah and Baghdad. We understand that your customer’s needs are forever evolving, this is why we have created “Team Iraq”, our Iraq office, to stay ahead of competitors, keeping your responses to customers quick and efficient.

Combining quality freight solutions with comprehensive service, cutting-edge technology and a focus on customer-service, we ensure that your shipments are timely, safe and secure. Every shipment FSC Group sends is monitored continuously using cutting edge technology, and you will receive real-time notifications on the progress of your cargo to put your mind at ease. This technology can even be integrated with your EPOS system.

Our experience exporting to the Middle East

Our worldwide team are constantly evolving to stay ahead of customer needs and have exceptional knowledge of different core sectors including Oil & Gas industry, Power and Industrial Plants, and Global Logistics. Being experts in project logistics ensures we can deliver anything from one-off movements to large scale projects.

Transporting peace of mind

As a non-vessel operating common carrier, we provide expertise in handling and shipment by taking care of all documentation and customs clearance, managing shipping lines and haulage. We love taking care of the processes which give most companies a headache!

The solution your company needs is in our hands as we work with project carriers and haulers to provide services including:

  • Air and ship chartering,
  • Break-bulk shipments,
  • Wide/ heavy road movements,
  • Out-of-gauge shipments,
  • Heavy lift cargo and cross trade shipments.
  • Uniting Iraq Through Logistics

Our deep understanding of how our customer supply chains change and evolve due to economic, legal and technological factors means that we, at FSC Group, are able to provide our valued customers with the very highest level of service.

Want to find the best solution for your shipping needs? Find out more about our expertise in Iraq in our free e-guide or contact us for a chat to find out more about shipping to the Middle East.